28 weeks…. The last week of the second trimester



It’s quite sad to start leaving the lovelyness of the second trimester behind now I’ve really enjoyed it, i’ve felt all normal except having a lovely little companion were ever i go, wriggling, kicking and deffiently starting to feel hand punching now. I deffiently can’t really lie on my belly for very long and struggle to lie flat on my back unless slightly tilted or proped up.

Baby still has alot of space for movements, is blinking and has eyelashes and starts the laying down of fat from now on.

At this point in pregnancy even problly before this you deffo could do with a supportive pillow, theres just no way i could ever sleep without my V pillow. The baby’s like a proper baby now and starts starts to fatten up from now

My bump size is perfect and im happy with that. I don’t think im looking forward to it getting much bigger. I’m still using most of my normal clothes with a bit of layering and my expandable waist button. This is probably a good time to buy only a very few maternity clothes to suit the weather or seaon your in now to last for the end of your pregnancy. Still wearing the same bras after getting remeasured around 10-12 weeks.

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