29 and 30 weeks



So far so good everything’s been good still doing exactly the same as before.  Getting ready for Glastonbury next week.  I’ve had occasional lower back pain after being on my feet on a 12 hour shift but it’s not too bad. It’s only around now that strangers ask about my pregnancy because it’s defiantly obvious,  I think ppl were previous cautious what they asked incase i was just fat lol.  Had a another antenatal check which was meant to be for 31 weeks but had it early, baby’s now moved head down but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will stay like this,  as long as it’s down by 36 weeks that’s all that matters. My bump is just very slightly above the 50th centile measuring 29.5cm let’s just hope it stays on there and doesn’t get bigger,  it’s at a nice comfortable size.

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