34 and 35 weeks

34 weeks

35 weeks


And I just keep getting bigger and bigger. The third trimesters not really that much fun. I am enjoying being pregnant but I’m ready for this baby to come out now, it’s like something you’ve never experienced before. You need to take frequent stops and rests like you about 80 years old, you can’t bend down or if you did your not getting back up again. You wake up once or twice in the middle of the night for wees, I’ve been ridiculously thirsty, and needing to each quite regularly, the baby’s going to turn out as a massive chunk if I carry on.

The baby’s all grown and ready now and just gaining fat so now were already for the baby to come now. The pram and room are built and ready. The baby’s hospital bag ready and my bags got few things in so far, I’ve borrowed a TENS machine which I plan to use for early labour and I have a big bouncy ball somewhere in the garage which I plan to use til I can’t stand the pain any longer and need to go to hospital.



Baby’s kicks are so strong now but still very cute, sometimes I wouldn’t be surprised if I developed bruising, its goes that wild sometimes. But I’d say these last two weeks the baby can hardly move much now it’s mostly just kicks and punches. I wake up in the mornings and think it’s just me and then I feel a little wriggle and reminded that there’s a. Lil baby in there. I’ve noticed that apart from this, the baby is very lazy most mornings and likes a lie in til about midday then spends the rest of the day goin wild til about 11 ish at night when I think it’s his bedtime.

I have no trouble sleeping at night I’d highly recommend getting a V pillow from the start of your pregnancy I literally wouldn’t be able to sleep without it, in fact since the third trimester I use two. One for a pillow with a bit tucked under my belly and the other one for between my legs, it helps keep the pelvis, hips and spine in line.

I had a midwife appointment at 34 weeks baby still head down, bump measuring 34cm. Baby not in pelvis. Although I know that it’s been sliding in and out over the last few weeks because you can feel it and sometimes it feels like the baby can fall out. Been having the worse calf cramps in the night but I subconsciously feel them and stop them happening, thanks to Ian he gives me a leg massage before bed and wearing comfier shoes theyve stopped now. Ian now puts my shoes on for me.. Bless him, still refuses to paint my nails tho!

At 35 weeks every so often I’ve had a shooting pain and numbness in the lower back and down my right leg but it goes in a few seconds it’s just when the nerve gets trapped, quite annoying tho but nothing to worry about.

I’ve kinda stopped going to gym classes now I’ve not been for a few weeks achually I’ve either not had the time or just plain lazy. I’ve started going to antenatal aqua and normal aqua in the gym and the odd time lift a few light weights and go on the cross trainer for 20 minutes. That’s about it really its kinda enough doing your normal day to day things lately tho.
I’m still working and my 12 hour shifts have not really affected me, I find I’m more tired on my days off and have energy on the days I work, which is strange.
Still no stretch marks, belly button is very flat and looks like it’s got a little scar on it now and my sides look a bit veins. I constantly think I can fit through small gaps now and the answer is NO I Cant!! Lol very hard to remember, i’m constantly bashing my bump into things that get in the way or ppl get bumped out the way as I try and squeeze through gaps haha… Poor baby.

I’ve discovered that if you just want to take folic and vitamin D supplement and not to bothered about other vitamins and minerals (you’d prob get it all from your diet anyway) instead of paying between £5-£15 for prenatal vitamins you can buy healthy start ones from quite a few places for 91p for a tub that’s all they recommend take in pregnancy unless stated by your midwife. I bought mine from the health centre were i have my midwife visits, i bought some for after the baby’s born as you need to take a vitamin D supplement when your breastfeeding.

My next antenatal appointment is at 36weeks. Also!! My midwife did not mention to me that from 28 til about 38 weeks now you get a whopping cough vaccination so thanks to posters I’ve seen and hearing about it on the news a few months ago I asked her and she said I had to organise it through my GP…. Well how was i meant to know! So now a Dr has to give me an injection just to fit me in b4 the time gap expires as all the nurses are fully booked up.

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