A wee post from the Netherlands

We decided to take a little trip to the Netherlands since I got the bank holiday weekend off work. We’re staying with Ian’s uncle who’s taking us to all these random places already.

Seen this amazing view from a good old easy jet plane, it’s a windfarm right in the middle of the ocean right outside the Netherlands (also known as Holland, which I’ve just learnt myself). It’s a very ECO place here.

Our first night went out in Amsterdam had a meal and a few drinks. We went to the casino afterwards which was boss, couldnt believe how busy it was! I walked out with no losses, Ian gambled his away!! Lol good fun tho.

These photos are from a place called Utrecht. It’s similar to Amsterdam minus the British tourists.

I had this mint tea with honey which I absolutely love and could drink it all the time.
We brought back some space cake to have tonight from one of these special ‘coffee shops’

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