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Kay & Ian

Welcome to our little blog!

Kay is a neonatal nurse and Ian does businessy Scaffolding stuff. We both LOVE food. Kay likes making patchworks, Ian loves using them for snuggles on the couch. Kay has a veg plot, Ian built it. We both love rides on the motorbike, you’ll see we have hobbies in everything! Kay can swim a length underwater holding her breath, Ians does funny backward rolls (see video). Kay loves Chocolate, Ian loves cheese. Kay loves instagram, Ian Loves reddit.

After meeting and falling in love  7 and half years ago we decided to tie the knot in July 2012 in the most amazing venue! We had the bestest day of our lives and we are glad to share our special day with all our lovely friends and family. Kay has a love for photos, so we started this blog to share some of our daily adventures in our life with our friends and family as a married couple.

lots of love

Kay & Ian


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