So we left on Thursday morning and now it’s suddenly Saturday morning in Sydney which is the weirdest thing ever loosing all that time. (written yesterday). Travelling with a baby Is actually been so much easier than I thought even with the longest flight of my life. We flew to Dubai then ran for our connection to Sydney after flying round Dubai four times as the air space was choka.
Theodore was a angel all the way and kept with his usually sleeping routine and even thought it was bedtime at his usual time considering the environment was completely different. I did try to feed him on take off and landing that’s meant to help with the pressure in his ears. He kept me busy while I entertained him and in between his sleeping and awake times I slept, ate or read. Didn’t even watch the telly. Flying with emerites was a massive help too with good food, service, extra leg room and comfy seats. You even get a little baby freshen up pack and a little toy and blanket. So far I’m wide awake in the early hours of the morning and I’ve some how managed to convince the baby it’s night time, when he wakes I just stick him back on the boob and he goes back asleep I wonder travelling with him so young at four months old could he skip the whole jet lag thing.
Well I’m going to sit and wait for my breakfast in bed them go and pick our car seat we left at the airport then off to collect the campervan…..who knows we’re we’re going next.



Watching a bit of Thomas the tank

Ian took the baby for a walk and come back with these selfies next to first class

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