Dofefff’s 1st birthday!

Chester Zoo


I’m sure you all know that my mum and dad foster two kids, one who is now 3 years old and one who has just turned 1! So for his birthday we had a family day out and took him to Chester zoo for the day with some of his little baby friends.

I took the twins, Harry and George.

Jen brought Arthur pants (who spent the day making Jen run round in circles after him, while he chased the ducks and pigeons)

Unfortunately because of them being foster kids, i can’t put picture of them (boooo) especially of joesph which i’m very gutted about because he’s a very cute baby especially with his 1st birthday badge on, blowing out his dinosaur birthday cake with his cheeky little mouse face. But here are some of the pictures from the day. it was such a nice day, we had a little picnic and the kids were all really good (considering i thought it was going to be all stressful with screaming wild kids running every were).

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