Ok I don’t think il be having one of Amsterdam’s famous special cakes again, ha ha. It was funny but jeeZ over 24 hours to become straight headed again.. I don’t think so!!

(private joke)

LOVE IT!….One of my favourite places is haarlem we visited this place a couple of times, i love the old buildings which look a bit more modern, it’s a clean city and of course the bikes, i love how easy, safe and convenient is it to cycle everywhere. I wish the UK was more like this place. They still don’t mind even cycling in the rain, they have really good public transport too, we should be more like the Dutch.

My favourite ever salad! Goats cheese on toasted bread, pine nuts, Walnuts coated in honey :)
I love how this place has lots of little shops everywhere like bakers, cheese shops etc the supermarkets aren’t so big and commercialised.

If I lived in the Netherlands I’d have a bike like this, maybe in cream.

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