Five months old


Today I’m five months old and weigh 16lbs 10oz I’ve grown up so much this last month. I love to grab everything in sight, I know that I need two hands to pick up heavy things. I still love to lye on my back and I now roll my body side to side when playing. I don’t roll over fully. I kinda like tummy time now. I’m so strong now and my kicks hurt when you get in the way of me. I still love to stare at my mum and dad. I’m dead good at holding my self upright in my door bouncer and jumperoos. I’ve found my feet and they’re my new favourite toy. I’ve learnt to take my dummy in and out my mouth. I still hate bottles but had a go out of a sippy cup and liked it. I’m still fully on boob milk and going to start baby led weaning next month. I stillllllll don’t sleep through the night but I’m such a happy baby so that makes up for the sleepless nights I suppose.

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