Hello 24 weeks


It’s scary how feel things are now. Baby is as active as ever,  I’m sure I can feel hands and feet.  Finally Ian’s felt him kick lol its funny (and very cute)  that Ian’s involved now,  sometimes when the baby curls up into a little ball you can see how my bump shape changes and you can just see this cute ball in the right hand corner I think that’s his favourite place.
I felt all good and normal with lots of energy this week. It’s hard to not look pregnant nowadays I feel massive although everyone tells me my bumps so cute and contained.
I find it harder and harder getting out of bed as the weeks go on, if you imagine a beetle stuck on its back with its legs waving about trying to flip over… Well that’s me.
I’ve managed to do lots of exercise this week again, it’s makes you feel much better and normal.
I’ve been mega hungry again this week literally constantly grazing throughout the day, if I don’t I feel really weak.

Still managing to fit into my normal clothes with the help of my belly band pant expander which has been a necessary investment since around 8/10 weeks. With tops I’ve had to wear long vests underneath as all my normal tops are now belly tops and in don’t think it’s very acceptable walking around which half ya stomach hanging out the bottom.

This week I’ve had an appointment with the midwife who’s checks your blood pressure, how you feel, urine, and baby’s heart rate and position in the womb. We’ve also booked onto antenatal classes now which are in July which ‘prepare you for the birth’ and how to look after a baby lol.

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