Our Honeymoon

Ok this is very late but here is our honeymoon story. It is broken up in sections and each section will be available each day (to give me more time to do it)

For our honeymoon we hired a car, drove for a few hours each morning and stayed in a different place each day and here is our travels according to my Iphone locations.

Ok so our honeymoon consisted of a lot of things but to narrow it down, we ATE a LOT, drank enough, drove in the mornings, explored different towns and we found everyday we ended up having a little siesta at 4pm. Our first journey was to …


In Madrid we stayed in this weirdly amazing hotel Puerta America Madrid. You chose your room when you arrived and on each floor was a different design, designed by different designers from across the world. Strangely we chose this white room which was designed by a UK designer. It was so cool the bathroom was in the bedroom, the whole room was white and the bed was suspended by the ceiling. it was like a space ship. In madrid we had a little explore and did a bit of shopping, it was so HOT, the temperature was like 40 degrees C, it was so tiring walking around in the heat, we found a nice park had a ice lolly and at 4pm we had a 20 minute snooze lol.

Jaraiz de la Vera

After madrid we travelled bout 2 1/2 hours to an area called Jaraiz de la vera in extremadura a rural area close to plasencia, this was one of our favourite places and if anyone was thinking about going to spain you should defo go here!! one big thing is that NO-ONE speaks english. Thanks to our lovely friend John who let us stay in his house for a few days while he was back in the UK, we met up with his friends who looked after us alot, took us to places we’ve never been before, translated ALOT for us, and help plan some of our remaining travels. Here in this place full of a lot of lakes surrounding this area because its in the Valley, in the summer the lakes get dammed off, they fill up and eveyone comes to swim. ohhh i wana go back!


As soon as we arrived in Jaraiz we went down to a lake called Lago Alonson Vega and went for a swim, we couldn’t believe it was 9pm the sun was still hot and there were alot of people around having BBQs and swimming with their famlies. We met up with Julia and Augustine and they took us for tea by another little lake in the woods

Each morning we stayed at johns we made and ate breakfast outside, we had walnut bread and a fruit salad with greek yoghurt….this was one of the best things of the day :) after breakfast we’d go on a little trip to find a nice river.

This lake (above) was the COLDEST lake we went in for some reason. It was well needed when the sun was 40 degrees. We arrived with our picnic and found a nice stone to lie on and later that day after lunch this area was so busy with families and friends who all came for a swim.

After a morning by the lake we went for our own private tour around Monasterio de Yuste by Julia who works as a German tour guide (but our only English speaking friend in Spain). Then that evening and a few evenings from while we were here we went to a few bars for tapas and drinks each night. In spain when you buy a drink they give you free tapas so theres alot of food that youv’e never tried before which is nice.

This area was one of my favourite lakes which i cannot remember what it was called. The water wasn’t so cold and you could swim so deep and sunbathe on the rocks that popped up….my poor hat also died in spain, it got a big hole in the straw at the top .

The next day we got invited for a traditional spanish lunch of gazpacho, paella and tortilla at a finca were we sunbathed and played in the pool.

next….Cuidad Rodrigo

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